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April 2004

Ms. Stephanie Pan, Representative, Sanjiu Medical and Pharmaceutical Co

March 2004

Professor Bee Leng Chua, Founder of Asia Moot Corp and Professor of Hong Kong Chinese University

Audrey Hong Li, Attorney at Law, Shu Jin Law Firm, Shanghai, China

Elaine Hui, Executive Club Manager, Grand Formosa Regent Taipei, Taiwan, ROC.

February 2004

Maria Ding Jiang Wang

Roger Lay, Principle, Business Brokers Hawaii

January 2004

Steve Novak, Principle, PPR Management Services LLC

November 2003

Jin He, Financial Advisor, Merrill Lynch Hawaii

October 2003

Kazu Hayashida, Asia Sales Manager, Sheraton Hotels

July 2003

Kimbrelyn Austin, Director, Career Services, Brigham Young University - Hawaii

March 2003

Bennette M. Evangelista, Senior Vice President & Senior Manager, Central Pacific Bank

February 2003

Douglas C. Lee, Assistant Vice President & Investment Officer, Central Pacific Bank (former Commercial Officer, U. S. Embassy - Beijing, China)

October 2002

Manuel A Sanchez, CEO, TicketPlus Hawaii

Daniel Leung, President and CEO, Panda Cuisine Restaurant Inc

July 2002

Mimi Chan, Sales Manager - Asia Pacific, Hyatt Regency Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawaii

Yue-Sun Hui, Regional Controller, Hobart International Asia Pacific with offices in Hawaii, Hong Kong, Australia, Japan, Beijing, Shanghai and manufacturing facility in Tianjin China

Woody Guo, Vice President, China Buffet Restaurant with 7 locations in 5 cities in Canada and Hawaii

Jenny Gian Director, Chancy Company Ltd with Offices in Hong Kong & People Republic of China

Paul Leung Hawaii National Bank

Candice Lee Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions and Marketing, Graduate Service Center, Hawaii Pacific University

June 2002

Gavin Lam, Director, Win Guide Color Printing Co Ltd with offices in Guam, Hong Kong and China

Jeffrey Berzolla, President, Media Solutions with offices in California and Hawaii

April 2002

Edward Li, Commercial Executive, British Petroleum Oil China, MBA-Class of 2003, Zhongshan University, People Republic of China

Ina Xiao Mu Li, MBA-Class of 2003, Fudan University, Shanghai, People Republic of China

Johnson Ji Sheng Yang, MBA-Class of 2003, Fudan University, Shanghai, People Republic of China

Vincent Meng Sheong Tan, MBA-Class of 2003, Fudan University, Shanghai, People Republic of China

March 2002

Nola N. Miyasaki Executive Director & CEO, High Technology Development Corporation (HTDC)

Derryck Woo - Vice President, Exim International Inc

Lisa T. Maruyama Executive Director, Pacific and Asian Affairs Council (PAAC)

Christopher Woo, DDS - President, United States Olympian Hawaii Chapter

January 2002

Stanford Chang - President, Gravity

Li May Tang President, Hong Kong Harbour View Seafood Restaurant

November 2001

George Ing - President, Ing & Ing Inc

Tara Leigh O'Donnell - JAIMS

October 2001

Lisa LaBonte President & COO, Pacific Business Forums

XinRong Wang - Research Scholar, University of Hawaii

Dr. Edson S Lott III - President, Yachts of Hawaii

Terrill Chock - President, NAS Greeters Services Inc

Leighton K. Chong - Attorney at Law (Patent)

Ronald Brown - Professor of Law & Director, Center for Chinese Studies

Manuel Garcia - Attorney at Law

Alan Kojima - Vice President, American Customs Brokerage Co, Inc.

Robert G Lees - Secretary General, Pacific Basin Economic Council

Elvira Lo - President, Elvira Chocolat

Shaw Yen - Senior Vice President, Beimei Consulting Group

Michael Zhang - President & CEO, Blue Hawaii Surf LLC

September 2001

Lei Ahu-Isa - House of Representative, State of Hawaii  & Principal Broker/Vice President, Hilton Grand Vacations Company-Hawaii

Cicely George Schuler Homes, Inc

Michael Sum - Owner - Color Station

Thomas Zhuang - President - East West Best Travel

August 2001

Vivian Coppock - General Manager - Sodexho USA

Dan London, President, World Players Marketing

Michael Meyer, President, Wave Internet LLC

July 2001

James M Seneff Jr, CEO, CNL Group, Inc - Orlando, Florida

Clarence Lee - President - Clarence Lee Design & Associates, Inc.

Alan M. L. Yee - Managing Partner - Grant Thornton LLP

Matthew Klein - Fujisu Japan - Shanghai China

Wei Lum - Senior Consultant - Arthur Anderson LLP - Honolulu, Hawaii USA

Stanislaus Yeung - Consultant - Arthur Anderson LLP - Honolulu, Hawaii USA

American Chamber of Commerce - Shanghai China

Terkild J. Terkildsen - Founding & Board Member, Vision 2047 Foundation, Managing Director - Royal Copenhagen (HK) Ltd - Hong Kong

Thomas M. Masterson - Member, Vision 2047 Foundation - Owner, Sr. Asian Regional Management Executive - Hong Kong

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