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Strategic Plan - updated August 6 2009

Vision: The Hawaii Pacific Export Council will promote export growth in the Pacific Islands by encouraging and educating local companies on the process of selling internationally while being recognized in the community as international trade advocates and experts.

Mission Statement: The mission of the Hawaii Pacific Export Council (HPEC) is to promote U.S. exports from Hawaii and the Pacific Islands region by 1) Supporting the activities of the US Commercial Service and Hawaii Export Assistance Center, 2) Counseling businesses on the exporting process, 3) Conducting trade education.

Group Structure: The DEC committees identified below will develop and execute plans to foster the mission. It is a goal of the HPEC that each member is involved in at least one committee. Each committee nominates a lead for the committee and each committee will provide updates at HPEC meetings. Established committees:

Events Committee - sets the agenda and conducts educational seminars to educate companies to export
Revenue Committee - identifies potential revenue opportunities & prepares applications or refers to Events committee
Tourism Committee - will focus on tourism related issues and propose HPEC activity to support the tourism industry
Education Committee - will focus on education sector related issues and propose HPEC activity to support education
Marketing Committee - target major sectors & conduct outreach to promote exporting, HPEC, & create promo materials
Counseling Committee - will coordinate export counseling situations where HPEC members may have special skills
Trade Advocacy Committee - will develop HPEC responses to trade issues and coordinate advocacy activity

Potential future committees: Agriculture, Electronic Communication, Internship, Networking, Membership

Local Needs: The HPEC and Hawaii USEAC have identified the following areas where its support is of value:

Export Education
Trade Advocacy
Export Counseling
Neighbor Isle/Rural Outreach
Sector Specific Outreach
Partner Outreach
Annual Goals & Performance Measures:
XX Educational Events (TBD 2009)
XX Trade Advocacy projects (TBD 2009)
XX Export Successes supported by HPEC (TBD 2009)
XX Average Export Counseling Sessions per member (TBD 2009)
Generate revenue and increase checking account funds by at least XX% during year (TBD 2009)
Complete HPEC Skills Inventory
Maintain a Current and Relevant Website
Increase member participation in HPEC activities
At least one HPEC member to attend the annual National DEC Conference
Continued Membership Diversity increase Neighbor and Pacific Islands representation, increase membership diversity to include more exporters, particularly in tourism and agriculture exports
Increase awareness of HPEC activities (representative at events, publications in National DEC newsletter, State International Trade Office, other government agencies, etc.)

Budget: The Executive Committee will prepare a budget to support the Strategic Plan and annual goals within 30 days of approval by the HPEC.

Business Hours: 8:30am - 4:00pm (M - F) Advance Appointment Requested
USA Address: 1188 Bishop Street, Century Square, Suite 3403, Honolulu, Hawaii 96813, USA
Hong Kong SAR Address: 253 Des Voeux Rd #1305, Central, Hong Kong
China Address: 31-35 Yongjia Rd, #520, Shanghai 200030, China
San Francisco USA Phone: (415) 691-6138;
Hawaii USA Phone: (808) 524-5738;
Hong Kong SAR Phone: (852) 8171-3118 & (852) 9239-3999 (mobile)
USA Toll Free Fax: (877) 852-8548
Hawaii USA Fax: (808) 524-8063

How to Contact Us: Webmaster: Johnson Choi, Hong Kong China Hawaii Chamber of Commerce (HKCHcc)  Phone: 808-222-8183; Email: johnsonchoi@johnsonchoi.com - Last Update 02-01-04


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