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  History of District Export Councils

District Export Councils (DECs) are organizations of leaders from the local business community, appointed by successive Secretaries of Commerce, whose knowledge of international business provides a source of professional advice for local firms. For the past 25 years, DECs have served the United States by assisting companies in their local communities export, thus promoting our country's economic growth and creating new and higher-paying jobs for their communities. Closely affiliated with the Commercial Service's Export Assistance Centers, the 55 DECs combine the energies of more than 1,500 exporters and private and public export service providers throughout the United States.

In 1960, the President asked the Secretary of Commerce to enlist the efforts of the U.S. business community in enlarging export opportunities for American firms. Responding to this challenge, the National Export Expansion Council was formed. In response to National Export Expansion Council recommendations and to stimulate greater business participation in the national export expansion effort, the President signed an Executive Order in 1973 which directed the Secretary of Commerce to establish District Export Councils throughout the United States. Under the authority of the U.S. Department of Commerce, 41 DECs were established by the Secretary of Commerce in 1974. Approximately 1,000 business and trade experts were appointed to serve on the newly formed DECs. Since then, the number of DECs and DEC membership has been expanded to 55 DECs and 1,500 members to better meet the needs of the growing number of U.S. exporters

DECs volunteer their time to sponsor and participate in numerous trade promotion activities, as well as to supply specialized expertise to small and medium-sized businesses that are interested in exporting. They create seminars on exporting basics and trade finance, host international buyer delegations, design breakthrough guides to help firms export, put exporters on the Internet and help build export assistance partnerships to strengthen the support given to local businesses interested in exporting. In order to help small businesses succeed in the world economy, DECs also provide mentoring programs to help firms.

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